Sunday, June 27, 2010


I swear my life needs to be a TV show or a movie...I'm gonna start working on it, I promise. And I'm sure, just by the title your already wondering. *LOL* WTF Sharp, so here goes another crazy hmmmm, situation maybe better word circumstance...

Soooo, I was not remotely interested in Facebook...but my best friend opened my account and I have since reconnected with lots of old friends, have networked with some cool fashion industry folks, and have connected with some new friends as well. I get all type of friend requests and try to be pretty selective about who I confirm. When I get inbox messages I always ask the who are you, how do I know you, how did I meet you etc. I also get the general compliments here and there. So, I'm use to the whole facebook friends and even facebook crush thing.

But a message that I wasn't ready for was..."you are beautiful. and my friend has a huge crush on you. we would love to get to know you, spoil you and fulfill your fantasies. please reply if your interested" OK, OK, OK....I know you're probably thinking. Hell no and WTF"! and would have defriended them immediately. Yeah, I know. But I sometimes walk on the wild side and I have to admit I was very intrigued.... So, I replied. *LMAO*

We have in boxed back and forth a few times, eventually exchanged e-mails and I have their numbers... Guess the ball is in my court to actually call. *LOL*...The e-mails were all very informative and they both happen to be really cute (
Of course I asked for pictures). Oh, so are you wondering about the couple and what the 3 sum would entail...2 guys and me? 1 guy, his chic and me? Can you believe 2 chics want to have a 3SUM with me?!?! *LMAO* WOW, my life...I swear I can't make this shit up!!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010


On a Sunday afternoon, a friend and I are chilling and she gets a call (from her boo)... After the call she quickly interrupts our outing and informs me that we had to get back to her house so she could shower and roll out to her boos house. During the phone call, her boo did say that she didn't have to shower and could just shower at his house. She explained that we were together, that my car was at her house and that it only made sense for her to freshen up at her house. I mention that it was a Sunday, because she proceeded to pack an over night bag. She had planned to spend the night and go to work from his house.

Another friend, just recently started seeing this guy. She has spent the night a few times, but quickly runs out of his house early in the morning to avoid the morning breath encounter. I thought this was absolutely hilarious!!!! I had never thought about it before, and actually have no problem kissing my baby in the morning. I think he almost did/does it on purpose... I think it means something. But anyway. So I asked her, why don't you just get a toothbrush. But she is hell bent against it, saying she doesn't want to force anything on him?!?! Hmmmm, So I started thinking... then who gets the toothbrush and when?

Even funnier, One of my very best friends; who happens to be married...still doesn't pass gas in front of her husband. And she uses the bathroom in the basement to take a shit, away from him. HILARIOUS!!!! WTF?!?! I'm thinking to myself 'ya'll are married'... They have shared the most intimate and probably nastiest situations with one another, but she can't flatuate or excremate around him?

And of course All of those scenarios got me to thinking.... *laughing like shit* What is the amount of time that it is OK to shower at your boos house? or yours for that matter? And when is it OK to start bringing a change of clothes? Or leave clothes at their house. Does the boo then get their own drawer and/or closet space? And then what does all that mean? And when is it appropriate to really have a toothbrush at your boos house? If the girl buys it for either house, does it mean she's being too aggressive and moving too fast or just wants either of them to have fresh breath, before that morning kiss. But if he buys the toothbrush or refuses...what does that mean? And last but not least, the whole flatuating and/or excremenating around your boo. When is OK to flatuate around your boo or just the opposite sex for that matter. What about having to REALLY use the bathroom at their house? When is it OK? DO you tell or warn them, to avoid the awkward situation of them walking in after you and taking a whiff?!

As for me...clothes at his house are not a huge deal. I guess having at least a change of underwear is pretty important, but not that serious. I suppose if I know I'm staying and have something really important to do the next day, I may shower and bring a change of clothes or leave really early. However, a toothbrush at his house (to me) has NOTHING to do with rushing things or a commitment. A toothbrush simply means, I want to brush my teeth in the morning! And I try not to pass gas or do #2 around my boo, just don't think it's lady like. But I do think I pass gas in my sleep. *LOL* He's never said anything though, but I think I do. Oh, and it took me over 2 years to actually use the bathroom at his house. It just seemed weird and even to this day... I use the bathroom in the basement.

I mean when are you ever really comfortable?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Amy Winehouse - Amy, Amy, Amy

Loving this song!!!!!

Response to FollowerS

WOW!!! Who knew... that I even had that many followers. I got A LOT responses from my "What HE would get" blog (way too many to repost). Mostly, responses from men, which I didn't realize how many men readers I had. Thank you for letting me know you're out there and are interested. Unfortunately, like I've said in my previous blogs...I'm in such a bad place emotionally around love that though I have absolutely great qualities...I'm no good for anyone right now. HOWEVER, Men, I'll keep you posted *smiling* and *winking*. And ladies, thank you for your responses as well. I know that you too know your worth. We are queens! and if the men of your area don't know...they need to quickly recognize...they are missing out and will die LONELY!!!

So for the record...I promise I wasn't trying to advertise, it was just a blog. Thoughts go through my mind constantly about things that I experience, conversations I have or things that people say. Something clicks in my head and I think to myself.. other woman may have experienced the same thing or think about the same type things, but don't say anything; I am their I just say (blog) it out loud. I enjoy blogging, it's therapeutic and though I only personally know about 3 of my followers. It's nice to know that there are others that enjoy what I have to say. My "what HE would get" blog was really about my amazing dinner and eating it alone. It was about wanting to share it with someone who would appreciate the work that went into it. It was made with pure love. Something you would do for your LOVE. That blog was to comfort my lonely ego.

My blog....
A very close and important person in my life recently told me that they have shut down on talking to me about things because he didn't want his life on the world wide web. Additionally, he mentioned that one of my blogs was just typing these mere sentences have me cringing because I hate to upset the people that I love. I hate being in that catch 22 of my own happiness and not wanting to make who I love unhappy. But, my blog is for and about ME...MY feelings, MY thoughts, MY experiences. I realize it may involve others, but my intent is never to upset, offend or hurt anyone with my blogs. I had since considered to stop blogging... and then received my overwhelming responses to a silly blog about "me". Thank you... I'll keep blogging. I do fell hurt that he no longer wants to talk, share, and be naked with me...but I have used ALOT of discretion and feel that I remain loyal whether he believes it not.

THANK YOU Readers, THANK YOU FOLLOWERS!!!! More Sharp Life to come!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Beyonce - Upgrade You OFFICIAL VIDEO HD

What HE would get...

I cooked an amazing dinner tonight (what I cooked is not important, just that I did cook a fantabulous meal and can cook like I should be a chef!) And today was a full day...I played taxi for my son, ran my business from my phone, drove a friend all the way to the furthest airport in the area (while chatting about the world cup), grabbed some groceries, consoled a crying friend, Oh and looked really cute while doing it all! Which got me to thinking... what a man would get with me...

And I promise I'm not being conceited, overly confidant, un-humble or DIVAish...just putting my GREAT qualities out there, cause I am in fact talented and blessed-to say the least. So here we go...

I am first and most important, an AMAZING mother! My children are great kids, well behaved, mannerable and smart. Oh and by the way go to phenomenal schools and kicking ass. I provide for them in the most spectacular and effective way that I sometimes have to step back and acknowledge my work. I encourage, motivate, support, discipline and nurture them at all times. They do me proud and I know they will take care of me when I won't be able to. So now that I have the (I would be a/am a) great mom thing outta the way...

I'm smart! Not just book smart with a college education smart, but street smart because I was raised by a crazy single mother (who had her own issues) in the hood, where I had to figure life out at 15. So, being in and from the hood, is comfortable to and for me. And I can handle my own. I obtained my college education while raising 2 kids and later went on to work on my masters. I can talk atoms, algebraic terms, Freud, Socrates, history, politics, and religion...So, what I do!!!

I cook; Love to cook and do it well. I'm loyal; cheating is for losers. I clean and keep a clean home. I love sports; will watch and play any of them. And happen to be very competitive. I'm fun and funny; love a good sense of humor and love to laugh. I'm quite adventurous and up and open to whatever is in mind... But will and can also just chill at home. Oh and while at home...I like to please my man!!! take it how you want... I like sex! And happen to be pretty damn good at it too....

I'm a social butterfly and know my way around event planning and having a good time. I enjoy the cultural arts am familiar and enjoy many music genres. LOVE to dance. I'm a hopeless romantic, but fight it; fear of being much rather just enjoy the party. I could go on in this area...

I've been told on more than enough occasions I'm attractive. So I guess, I'm cute... tall in height, slender in build. I have long and natural hair, which is quite versatile. I'm fair skin, inviting brown eyes and luscious full lips (so I've been told) and a winning smile. Sexy and confident...Yeah, model type...

So with all that said, I would say what he could get was pretty damn good. And yeah I know, I have issues like the next girl, shit like the next person. I'm not perfect, but who is. My issues are who make me ME! Shit, Love is not perfect, but loving the imperfections in the person you love.

But WOW, my dinner was so amazing I felt like sharing and thought about what he would get if I were his woman.

Yeah, like Beyonce'...Let me upgrade you.